PSP Tubes
Here's my eclectic collection of Paint Shop Pro Picture Tube Brushes. They should be compatible with PSP7 and/or 8.  Unzip them into your Tubes folder. If they don't appear in the menu, you may need to open the file in PSP and export the tube.
Page Index
Page 1 - Lace Page 5 - From My Button Box
Page 2 - Faceted Gems Page 6 - From My Jewelry Box
Page 3 - Smooth Gems & Pearls Page 7 - Odds & Ends 
Page 4 - Venice Lace (Chain Links,Butterflies, Hot Air Balloons, Roses)
 Page 8 - From My Garden
My tubes are free for personal use as elements in creating your images.  They are not to be used for commercial purposes unless arrangements for licensing are made in advance (I'm very reasonable! :-).  The tubes are not to be included in any collections (includes email lists) or offered for download elsewhere.  Please feel free to let others know where you got them, but don't link directly to the files.  Also, if you use my tubes to make new tubes or ufos for download, I require a link to my site on your page.

I'd love to see what you make from my tubes - send me a link!  I might just link back!


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