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Never be caught in an off-the-rack mask!

We all want to stay safe, but those paper masks can be itchy, awkward and unattractive. Others may gap or slip. Masks are going to be needed for quite a while yet, so why not be comfortable and wear something that suits you? I tried several different mask patterns, and this is my favorite. The pleats tuck up around your chin and cheekbones, and once adjusted to your face, it fits comfortably.

I use 100% cotton fabrics, sewn with polyester thread, using the 3D Mask with Filter Pocket design from Fabrics are washed using unscented laundry products, but if you are allergic to cats you may wish to wash them before wearing.

Masks are made with four layers of cloth, including a filter pocket (I include a 4x5.5" filter made from blue shop towel).

Nose wires are flat aluminum, easy to snug over your nose to help keep it in place and avoid fogging your glasses.

Earloops are 1/4" soft knit elastic, secured with tiny safety pins
hidden in the casings, so they are easy to adjust if needed.

At the bottom of the page are photos showing what the masks look like, including how the filter pocket works.


Here is my eclectic selection of quality hand-made cloth face masks, or rather, the fabrics used. Mind you, this is not a shopping page - it's a place you can see what's available before you message or email me with your selections. Masks are currently $7.00 each.

I have many different fabrics, and try to keep the page updated frequently, but I'm still working full-time, so your patience and understanding is appreciated. If you're looking for a particular color ask me - I may have something on hand but not on the site. 

Local orders can be picked up for free, and others can be mailed USPS First Class Package rate, starting at $3-$4

Click here to see the available fabrics!

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  Hi!     Front of the mask

Open the filter pocket   Work the filter into the pocket

Line up the filter, then push the pocket down   Tuck the pocket into the mask
Then tuck the mask into its original folds

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